interdependent arising


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Interbeing is a totality.

You cannot exclude anything.

Interdependent arising

sees everything as intrinsically connected

and moving in perfect synchronicity.

Do not differentiate based on appearances.

Both the lives in the stories in books

as well as the life-stories we live

are equal expressions of interbeing.

All forms, all phenomena are reflections

of our energy configuration in any one moment.





moving at your own pace

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Everybody is moving at their own pace together – kept in sync by the Mysterious Principle whose outer expression is the sun. There is in this movement perfect alignment of the disparate and it is a movement in continual flux. What is out of balance with this alignment is the motor of all movement as the Mysterious Principle strives toward greater and greater coherency with Itself. It is a movement from maximal fragmentation back to unified Being. We are in the phase in which the call from our deepest Being is being heard and all are moved to give up their disparate opinions and behaviors and to come into harmony and alignment with the Ultimate. Every phenomenon that is out of alignment triggers creative ways to bring about alignment. This is ‘auto-correction’ and every situation will auto-correct if we allow it the space and step back and just observe as the alive Presence.




Zen: The Net of Jewels


Zen: The Net of Jewels

“Thence it appears that the entire sense of subjective isolation, of being the one who was “given” a mind and to whom experience happens, is an illusion of bad semantics–the hypnotic suggestion of repeated wrong thinking. For there is no “myself” apart from the mind-body which gives structure to my experience. It is likewise ridiculous to talk of this mind-body as something which was passively and involuntarily “given” a certain structure. It is that structure, and before the structure arose there was no mind-body.
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