Major Breakthrough in Free Energy: Overunity Demonstrated in the QEG


Dear Friends,

It is a wonderful, and yet somehow peculiar feeling to know that we are witnessing history and a major quantum leap in humanity’s evolution. I am talking about the advent of the era of humanity’s free access to the unlimited energy within which our existence is embedded. Please take some time and read Hope’s blog post and watch the videos. The over-unity video was filmed here in Morocco in the little workshop at our Sanctuary. Congratulations to us all!

with all love,


This is the Skype message we received from Hope yesterday, after our internet had been down for two days:

Skype [5/31/2014 1:11:11 PM] Hope Moore: Dear Tomas and Alia,

This is THE GROUND BREAKING POST that we are hoping to make viral. It shows 33 times over unity in the Morocco QEG core. This has been done through a specially made video and a professional report. It should be noted that the equipment needed to take these measurements, that many have been demanding, cost $75,000 and was donated to the QEG project. We had to wait for this in order to be able to provide these figures freely to the people. Continue reading

QEG: Aouchtam Has Resonance!

Enjoy Alia’s report on the successful first test of the Aouchtam QEG:


Our “Baby” was “delivered” at 12:22 AM CET, Thursday, April 28th.

I MISSED THE BIRTH!!! Tomas and I were in bed asleep.

Our housemate, Blue Star returned home about 1:30 AM. The front door opening woke me up and then I heard all the excitement bubbling through the apartment building and I KNEW we had DONE IT! Continue reading

Status of QEG Build – Aouchtam, Morocco 4/25/2014

Reposted from Stillness In the Storm

Post by Justin Deschamps


With the arrival of the remaining QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) components we are now able to begin assembly. There were several delays and set backs to the original schedule and our perspective of allowance empowered us with the ability to adapt. The shaft we ordered did not arrive as ordered and a second needed to be flown in. The Core arrived in Casablanca earlier this week but was delayed due to Customs Regulations. Now that all the part have been brought together we can begin to build the QEG. Hope Girl, the main spokes person for the Fix the World Organization (FTW), often makes the comparison that the QEG is being ‘birthed’ into existence; she will present herself completely only when the conditions are right. Despite timetables, scheduling and carefully laid plans we must always be open to receiving what IS so that we may plot a course for success. Continue reading