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My Comment:
The point that Krishnamurti makes here about what he means by “feeling” is seminal and can open one up to the quality of the “essence” as he often calls it. It is there when there is no ‘experiencer’. Enjoy!


Krishnamurti’s Notebook:

The moon was in the clouds but the mountains and the
dark hills were clear and there was a great stillness about them.
There was a large star just hanging over a wooded hill and the only
noise that came out of the valley was the mounta1n stream as it
rushed over rocks. Everything was asleep save the distant village
but its sound didn’t come as high up as this. The noise of the stream
soon faded; it was there but it didn’t fill the valley. There was no
breeze and the trees were motionless; there was the light of the pale
moon on the scattered roofs and everything was still, even the pale
shadows. Continue reading