create space for yourself

Eckhart Tolle - Inner Transformation

Let 2016 be a NEW YEAR

We are accustomed to thinking that we do things. This comes from thinking that since we can perceive thoughts, there must be a thinker thinking them. This is one of the fundamental misconceptions many are caught in. Imagine swamp gas bubbles arising from the surface of the swamp. They arise due to the interaction of many factors that combined constitute the swamp biosphere. Our psyche is similarly the result of the complex interplay of a myriad of factors resulting in the species of sentient beings we call humans. I don’t say our thoughts are like so many swamp gas bubbles (although many thoughts can have a foul odor to them) but we may consider our thoughts to be the expression of a greater happening, and indeed of an intelligence greater than our limited minds can conceive of. Continue reading

the wine of immortality

In Chinese mythology, Xi Wangmu is the goddess of immortality and the heavens. She grows a peach garden with peaches that grant immortality.


“Become drinkers of nectar – all of you – drinkers of the wine of immortality!

Tread the path of immortality, where no death exists and no disease.

When you feel power within yourself,

when new light dawns on you from within,

the more you can keep it concealed in utter calm and stillness,

the more it will grow in intensity.”


(Source: RICHARD LANNOY © Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, Short Communications 5)


What do these words conjure up in you? Do you feel a deep stirring within from the time when humans were all connected to their immortal souls? What does it mean to live in the awareness of eternity, of immortality? How different would my life, my behavior be if I lived in this awareness? Would I take each step, speak each word as if it counted and would be felt by all beings everywhere forever? Can I leap now into the faith of the Great One that always knows its immortality and Eternal Presence?