face the emptiness

Krishnamurti: So, to continue: fear is the awareness of our inner emptiness, loneliness and poverty, and of not being able to do anything about it. We are concerned only with this fear which breeds dependence, and which is again increased by dependence. If we understand fear we also understand dependence. So to understand fear there must be sensitivity to discover, to understand how it comes into being. If one is at all sensitive one becomes conscious of one’s own extraordinary emptiness – a bottomless pit which cannot be filled by the vulgar entertainment of drugs nor by the entertainment of the churches, nor the amusements of society: nothing can ever fill it. Knowing this the fear increases. This drives you to depend, and this dependence makes you more and more insensitive. And knowing this is so, you are frightened of it. So our question now is: how is one to go beyond this emptiness, this loneliness – not how is one to be self-sufficient, not how is one to camouflage this emptiness permanently?

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all-consuming energy – Krishnamurti

Mossy garden - Kyoto:


“Observe without any movement of thought, observe without time, without past knowledge…”


I offer this contemplation at the start of the NEW YEAR 2016:

“That which is immeasurable cannot be measured by words. We are always trying to put the immeasurable into a frame of words, and the symbol is not the actual. But we worship the symbol; therefore we always live in a limited state. So with the clouds hanging on the tree tops and all the birds quiet, waiting for the thunderstorm, this is a good morning to be serious, to question the whole of existence, to question the very gods and all human activity. Our lives are so short and during that short period there is nothing to learn about the whole field of the psyche, which is the movement of memory; we can only observe it. Continue reading

sublimate the mind in the Self – Ramana


“Sublimate the mind in the Self”

Ramana Maharshi

What does this mean? It means the mind is the great impostor. A whole world, nee, a whole cosmos is conjured up and we are made to believe it is really happening, but in Reality nothing is happening. Very hard to believe that everything we see, touch, taste, smell and think is all just the mysterious effect of sound vibration taking on certain patterns and then these patterns (forms) looking at themselves and interacting with each other as though they were more than patterns of sound vibration. Is it possible to get to the root of this “manifestation”? Continue reading


Then when there is this total emptiness, when there is absolutely and literally nothing, no influence, no value, no frontier, no word, then in that total stillness of time-space, there is that which is unnameable.

Krishnamurti Notebook, pg 104Image