How We Think Things Into Reality

Dear Friends,

While delving more and more deeply into an article I am writing, I came across this great description of  how we think things into reality – the “mechanics” of this process: how exactly do our thoughts shape manifest consciousness into phenomena in our world? Very much of it resonates with me and I enjoyed reading it very much. I wish you the same!

Glimpsing Into What Is To Come by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan from her current newsletter.

“One of the many gifts of the year 2013 is the ability to glimpse into the possibility of what is to come.  The true pure essence of want and desire is as powerful as a star being birthed.  The energetic degree that you want (or desire) something is aligned mathematically and exponentially with your power to manifest it. Scientists say that children believe in magic because their brains cannot grasp the concept of limited natural law.
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