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Talk 28.

Q: What is the interrelation between regulation of thought and regulation of breath?

Ramana: Thought (intellectual) and respiration, circulation, etc. (vegetative) activities are both different aspects of the same – the individual life. Both depend upon (or metaphorically ‘reside’ or ‘inhere’ in) life. Personality and other ideas spring from it like the vital activity. Continue reading



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116. Know that the thick veiling of a jiva’s forgetfulness about all the troubles caused to others or by others during his innumerable past lives is due to the Grace of God [for his own peace of mind].

117. “When the remembrance of even a few miserable instances in this lifetime can make one’s life a hell, should not forgetfulness alone be loved by all?”

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the diamond state – vajra



I first posted this in August of 2014. Now is a good time to remind myself of it again.


The Sanskrit word “vajra” entered into my consciousness a few days ago accompanied by a vision of a male figure sitting cross-legged inside a diamond-shaped geometric structure standing on end in space. The energy quality of the vision and of the structure with the man inside correspond with the character of the Vajra described below. Continue reading

True Holiday Giving is Holding a Space of Peace and Bliss for Others

Fractal Petals

Excerpt from eBook: Portals of Spirit by DL Zeta p 167

“Holiday gifting in the material world is but a pale reflection of the potentials each person has in terms of true giving. By this we mean sharing with others the true gifts and blessings of the spirit.

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