cosmic dance of love

The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore. — Rumi:




The mind stays focused on the one point at which the sense of “I” is felt. This is not exactly correct because the sense of “I” or the “place” where sensations and thoughts are registered is not actually located in time and space. What seems to be happening is that the one seeing eye of infinity, the Self, becomes focused on an encounter with Itself, and that is felt as “I”. Continue reading

Ramana: BHAKTI (devotion) AND JNANA (knowledge of the real Self)

To see God is to be God pin

BHAKTI (devotion) AND JNANA (knowledge of the real Self)

D: Sri Bhagavata outlines a way to find Krishna in the heart by prostrating to all and looking on all as the Lord Himself. Is this the right path leading to Self-realization? Is it not easier thus to adore Bhagavan in whatever meets the ‘mind’, than to seek the supramental through the mental enquiry, “Who am I?”

M: Yes, when you see God in all, do you think of God or do you not? Continue reading