off the trail

Curved Trunk of Moss-Covered Tree 1


I was drawn to a spot off the trail. Now, mid-July, the tall grasses are drying and it is easier to walk. The spot was not many yards off the trail and was pleasant as it was partly shaded. As I sat my thoughts settled and my mind was void and free of all effort. My body was at ease resting on the dried clay earthen surface.

I noticed the usual slight discomfort when siting without a cushion was absent. There was a sense of being “off the track” as a train might be on a waiting track, or so-called ‘siding’. I was off the main ‘trail’ of my conditioned consciousness: there was no content rising in the mind – there was only the living forest I was in the midst of, sitting on the earth.  Continue reading

the mongrel mind


Watching how the mind works I see how stray desires, like mongrels roaming the streets, draw my thoughts, my images away from Self and outward into dank corners and crevices. There these mongrels find enticing odors. For these deprived beings the more putrid the odor the better. For the mongrel mind it is the same: it is seduced over and over again by its attraction to ‘news’, images and stories of violence, war, injustice, lust, carnal pleasures, sadness, despair, hopelessness, apocalypse, riches, luxury, future utopias, pain, unveiling of ‘secret knowledge’ etc. etc. They are the great attractors, promising some degrading kind of sweetness. All these attractors have in common that at their essence they are based on some form of violence; that is their underlying frequency and deeper feeling tone. They all draw me away from Self, my own true Self.  Continue reading

lives of quiet desperation

Thoreau – Walden: A spiritual Retreat

by Barbara Stoler Miller, Translator of the Bhagavad-Gita in the Afterword:

“Thoreau was moved by his own observation that the mass of his fellow men led ‘lives of quiet desperation.’ He sought to discover freedom from that desperation by refusing to be led by the senses and passions, by living deliberately, by simplifying his life in order to internalize the solitude of a place in nature. He lived in Walden for two years and two months, during which time he confined his desires and actions in such a way that he strove to overcome the limitations of time and absorb himself in nature. Nature was for him the ground of religious life….

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Ramana: BHAKTI (devotion) AND JNANA (knowledge of the real Self)

To see God is to be God pin

BHAKTI (devotion) AND JNANA (knowledge of the real Self)

D: Sri Bhagavata outlines a way to find Krishna in the heart by prostrating to all and looking on all as the Lord Himself. Is this the right path leading to Self-realization? Is it not easier thus to adore Bhagavan in whatever meets the ‘mind’, than to seek the supramental through the mental enquiry, “Who am I?”

M: Yes, when you see God in all, do you think of God or do you not? Continue reading