the unlimited world

the direct perception of Reality

In the Spring of 1953 Aldous Huxely volunteered to experiments with mescaline. His report on what he experienced is found in the short book “Doors of Perception”, which was published in 1954. The excerpt below highlights the altered quality of his perception as well as his understanding of how this shift occurred. I find his description of his perception of objects to be identical to the state of consciousness that occurs when “the veil” drops and we perceive Reality beyond the small mind. Perhaps this is the consciousness state that humanity as a whole is about to experience as the ‘quantum leap’ in our evolution that is underway? Were it so, it would instantly end all violence and wars and all possibility of domination of one being over another. Fear of injury or death or other dangers to our physical body would subside, removing the basis for controlling your fellow man/woman. Continue reading