transformation happens in the dead end


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Perfect resignation

“Losing hope is losing all indeed. … Perfect resignation gives the deepest joy of all. Accept it as your sole resource.” Verse 21, Matri Vani I Anandamayee Ma

What a strange path I am on. Yes, my first awakening was catalyzed by LSD. That chemical took over my nervous system. About 30 minutes after ingestion I said to myself (with a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach) “I really did it this time. I have lost my mind.” Nothing in my surroundings looked like it did before. All was one undulating and pulsating scintillating sea of energy that was moving like one immense being.

“I” was not – and it surprised me that any memory of “Tom” had at all survived this death of the ego personality. At one point I took out my billfold with my ID, money etc. and my key ring and flung them far into the surrounding bushes, saying to myself “Why do I need these?” Luckily my buddies retrieved them and returned them to me the next day. I recognize now the surrender to the effect of the chemical that I had ‘forced’ upon myself. Once ingested, there is no turning back and whatever the chemical does I had to accept. Continue reading

perfect poise

Thich Nhat Hanh mudra

Thich Nhat Hanh mudra



This world is itself but an embodiment of want; hence the heartache due to the absence of fulfilment must needs endure.

This is why it is said that there are two kinds of current in human life:

one pertaining to the world in which want follows upon want,

the other of one’s true being.

It is the very nature of the former that it can never end in fulfilment; on the contrary, the sense of want is perpetually re-stimulated.

On the other hand, the latter aims to bring to completion the activities of man’s true
being, to establish man in his divine nature.

Thus, if he endeavours to fulfil himself by entering the current of his true being, this current will eventually lead him to the perfect poise of his own true being.

source: Richard Lennoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom CHAPTER 6




on acceptance

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“From the Absolute point of view the objective (world) is the subject (Self) itself. It is not separate from the Self.”



My Comment:

I have posted below two sections from Anandamayi’s MATRI VANI that verbalizes the attitude that is most suitable for us to embody in our daily life once we have realized what Ramana points to. Continue reading

worthy of human aspiration


That in which there is no question of form or formlessness,

of beyond form and attributes,

of transcending even the beyond,

that alone is worthy of human aspiration.


Here Anandamayi gives us a vehicle that can take us out of our minds and deliver us to the threshold of the Ultimate. That which she is pointing to can only be known be being it. It cannot be known as a subject knows an object. All discrimination between subject and object, between the seer and the seen, between the knower and the known must cease if one is to allow for the Other to touch us. Then ‘we’ cease to exist and the Other reveals to itself the existence of the finite in which it finds its mysterious expression. This is always a highly personal quality of consciousness that takes on the state of being permeable to that which is prior to consciousness. No two extensions of itself will experience this ultimate moment the same. No path can be told and no practice is needed. Although the visceral desire to know one’s own truth is a light that will lead you to it.




what is ‘the Self’?

"Inspiration often begins as an outer quest as you seek answers from the outside world..." R Rudd | Aimee Steward:


Having found that “Moment”, at that point of time – when it is found – you will know your Self.

For to know yourself does not mean to know your body only, it signifies the full revelation of That which eternally Is – the Supreme Father, Mother, Beloved, Lord and Master – the Self.

 source: Richard Lannoy, Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, p. 99

What eternally IS: this statement gives some of the highest meanings attributed to the term “the Self” Continue reading

puzzling over my words

I have always enjoyed the image of the stream of oil that flows so smoothly and continuously – free of interruption. This stream of awareness is becoming like that more and more – free of effort and it has nothing to do with ‘super-vigilance’ – but rather like the attention you naturally put on something you love. Attention (attending to) the Transcendent in all things is our pure nature that we are now settling back in to. Continue reading