Get Back Into The HEART Through The Brain

This is a text from “The Collected Works of Ramana Maharshi” (p. 295)

Verses 6, 7 and 8 contain the core of this text which contains Ramana’s teaching in a nutshell.  In Verse 8 Ramana speaks of the years he spent as a youth from the age of sixteen until his mid-twenties in silence. During these ten years he was absorbed into the Self, which he terms the Heart. He then began to communicate to those who had been attracted to him as devotees of his experience. His “method” or “system” that he refers to in this verse is Atma Vichara or Self Inquiry. I intend to comment more on this text in the coming days.

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The Heart and the Brain

About these nine verses the Maharshi said, “When I was in Virupaksha Cave, Nayana came there once with a boy named Arunachala [N. S. Arunachalam Iyer]. He had studied up to the school’s final class. While Nayana and I were talking, the boy sat in a bush nearby. He somehow listened to our conversation and composed nine verses in English, giving the gist of what we were talking about. The verses were good and so I translated them into Tamil verses in Ahaval metre. They read like the Telugu Dwipada metre.”

The following is a prose rendering of Sri Bhagavan’s Tamil translation of the nine verses.
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This post is Pam’s comment to my post on the Tornado in Oklahoma and my response to her comment:

“Our Souls Touched – Tornado in Oklahoma”

Pam’s comment:

“Tomas, thank you for sharing this. Indeed our hearts go out… and break while going.

Mother Nature has not only been ignored by homosapiens (since the beginning of their ascent) but terribly abused, plundered mercilessly. Not to be pessimistic, but there is nothing we can do to eliminate the harm we’ve already caused, the repercussions of which we are now experiencing. Yes, it would be wise to listen now to Mother, as you say, and to learn from our past mistakes. But look around, what is the likelihood of that happening? Keystone Pipeline, anyone? Let’s have a little “fracking” party, perhaps? How about we fell all the Amazon trees to build new homes and shopping centers? We need more of those. And create new dams throughout the once vast tropical land; we need the water more than the native species that live there. Oh, and let’s not forget to spray our manicured lawns and those pesky little dandelions with some Round Up, not to worry that it’ll destroy the GMO’d corn & other vegetables that are being grown nearby should its mist migrate. We don’t want weeds, nor bugs, nor any other ‘alien’ lifeform, do we?

I wonder, has Mother decide we are the aliens?

Sigh. Sorry.

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Ramana and I

Wolter A. Keers was a Dutch teacher and writer who lectured extensively on Yoga and Advaita in Europe in the 1970s and 80s. He met Ramana a couple of months before Ramana’s passing in 1950. This is an excerpt of his account:

“Roda Maclver, a Bombay devotee who had been living near Bhagavan for several years took me to the Ashram and pointed out Bhagavan to me. The mere sight of him made me tremble all over because I had come face to face with the divine. This recognition affected me so much that my body shook involuntarily. As I gazed at Bhagavan, I felt I saw God himself sitting there.
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ZEN: Purpose

Every so often I find myself taking a personal retreat in order to, as I call it, calibrate myself back to zero,  which is for me the quintessence of Zen. Just recently I have realized that this “zero” refers to “zero purpose”. When I go to the Arizona Beach Lodge not far from where I live, I leave behind all the things and people in my home environment that call me to do “this” and “that”. I am always rather amazed at how soon I am able to enter into a space in which I have let go of all purpose and am able to just ‘be’.

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“cover the world with leather…”

“The desire to reform the world, without discovering one’s true self, is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.”
Ramana Maharshi


Spiritual Realization – The Inward Journey

innerjourney-logo4Spiritual realization is the aim that exists in each one of us to seek our divine core. That core, though never absent from anyone, remains latent within us. It is not an outward quest for a Holy Grail that lies beyond, but an Inward Journey to allow the inner core to reveal itself.

In order to find out how to reveal our innermost Being, the sages explored the various sheaths of existence, starting from body and progressing through mind and intelligence, and ultimately to soul. The yogic journey guides us from our periphery, the body, to the center of our being, the soul. The aim is to integrate the various layers so that the inner divinity shines out as through clear glass. (from “The Inward Journey” by  B. K. S. Iyengar)
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Holographic Projection of Phenomena

Holographic Projection of Phenomena – The Mechanics of Manifestation

laughing GaneshThe concept of “holographic projection of phenomena” is one of the many concepts that can assist us to better understand how our consensus reality works. Below is an excerpt from a book about the great modern sage Ramana Maharshi that deals with this topic. The book, entitled “Der Weg zum Selbst” (The Way to the Self), written by the German Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, was edited and published posthumously in 1944 by C.G. Jung.  The translation of this passage is mine. The title for this excerpt (p. 228 – 232) from “Der Weg zum Selbst” is my own creation.

The Mechanics of How the Self Manifests as the World

Questioner: Is there a place in the physical body that one could say is where the Self is located? 

Ramana: In general the right side of the chest is taken to be the seat of the Self. It is an everyday experience: whoever points to themselves motions with the hand to the right side of the chest and says: “I did that, I said that” etc. Continue reading

Living Love: Day 17 – Psychic Pollution

Living LoveWhenever I have the sense of separation it is pain. I may call it by various names like “bad mood”, “low energy”, “unsettled feeling”, “a hair in the soup” or “I am out of phase today”. It remains the fact that it is pain. Pain is felt when I inwardly run away from what life has put on my plate. My tooth throbs as the biology of me reacts to an abscess. It becomes pain when thought enters and I separate myself from that pure sensation which is called “throbbing”. Thought compares ‘what is’ to the memory of a non-throbbing state and declares: “This is not good! Alarm! Do something! We have to get away from this event!” Of course since I am this event I cannot ‘get away’ from it.
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Living Love: Day 16 – The Heart

Living LoveWhen we expand our concept of the heart to see it as Heart with a capital “H”, and give it the meaning as Ramana Maharshi does below, today’s verse becomes very clear. This statement by Ramana: “The ‘I-less’ Supreme Brahman – which shines in all bodies as interior to the light in the form ‘I’ – is the Self-ether…” shows that Ramana experienced light in the form “I” and also a light that is interior to that light. I understand his meaning to be that what common language usage takes to be “I” is actually of the light from the Heart, but is a diminutive of it, and the Absolute Reality is the source of that light. When we say that we are living from the heart, we actually mean living from the Heart, which is living connected to that Absolute Reality more and more and less emphasis on the illusory small self.
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Living Love: Day Two – Innocence

Living LoveOn this Day Two the 23 days of Living Love I followed my lead of yesterday and before I turned off the light last night I read Verse Two, reading it again first thing before rising this morning:

Love is innocence. Love yourself unconditionally and return to innocence.”
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