Spirit Man – Spirit Woman and Inner Technology


One way to be spirit man/spirit woman is to open up the present moment. The present moment opens up to us and takes us into a different world when we allow the daily fluff to dissipate. The daily fluff consists of the myriad thoughts that make up the human conditioned thought-stream. There is a certain way of looking at this thought-stream without being immersed in it.
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Look At Your Mind Dispassionately

“Look at your mind dispassionately; this is enough to calm it. When it is quiet, you can go beyond it. Do not keep it busy all the time. Stop it – and just BE. If you give it a rest, it will settle down and recover its purity and strength. Constant thinking makes it decay.”

Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That, p. 311

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Nisargadatta: YOU ARE NOT THE BODY

Visitor: It is all concepts, all illusion.

Nisargadatta: Yes.

V: I don’t believe in processes that take a lot of time and discipline. I’ve done all that. I want it to end.

Nisargadatta: The basic fact, that you are not the body – must be clear to you by now.

You are working in the world and you think that you are doing that work, but what is happening is this:

The life force, when it comes out in thoughts and words, is the mind, so it is this prana mind, life force mind, which is the acting principle.

The beingness, the consciousness, is the God which witnesses the life force and mind working.

It does not interfere; it merely witnesses.

The reason for your unhappiness is that you think it is you who are working.
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Koan I“A koan shows us that the mind is empty, that its content is attached to nothing beyond itself.” James Carse, Breakfast at the Victory

“Appearances, sounds, and objects are one’s own mind; There’s nothing except mind.” Niguma, Mahamudra

“The pure mind sees things as they are – bubbles in consciousness. These bubbles are appearing, disappearing and reappearing – without having real being. Each bubble is a body and all these bodies are mine.” Nisargadatta, Consciousness and the Absolute

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You are the infinite focused in a body


English: Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is nothing wrong with you as the Self. It is what it is to perfection. It is the mirror that is not clear and true and, therefore, gives you false images. You need not correct yourself—only set right your idea of yourself. Learn to separate yourself from the image and the mirror, keep on remembering: I am neither the mind nor its ideas: do it patiently and with convictions and you will surely come to the direct vision of yourself as the source of being—knowing—loving, eternal, all-embracing all-pervading. You are the infinite focused in a body. Now you see the body only. Try earnestly and you will come to see the infinite only.

I Am That ch-69

Nisargadatta 2-25-13

The Mystical is Most Practical – Nisargadatta

Questioner: If you are nothing in particular, then you must be the universal.

Nisargadatta: What is to be universal — not as a concept, but as a way of life? Not to separate, not to oppose, but to understand and love whatever contacts you, is living universally. To be able to say truly: I am the world, the world is me, I am at home in the world, the world is my own. Continue reading

Austerity, Desire and Loving Yourself



A visitor asked Nisargadatta: “What is austerity?”

I found his answer so simple and enlightening that I am sharing it here.

Nisargadatta: “Once you have gone through an experience, not to go through it again is austerity. To eschew the unnecessary is austerity. Not to anticipate pleasure or pain is austerity. … Desire by itself is not wrong. It is life itself, the urge to grow in knowledge and experience. It is the choices you make that are wrong.
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Understand Myself as a Key to Awakening


When I can understand myself I have the key that will help me to understand the world. To understand myself I enter into an exploration of what it is that I understand unconditionally and unequivocally. I also want to be clear about what I mean when I say that I understand.

I invite you into an exploration of understanding together with me. I start by listening deeply to my inner voice and so I leave other voices to echo out into space. Soon I am alone in vast space.

Space is what allows me to hear; in it my inner ear opens to most subtle tones.
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Duality Arises – Part II

This is Part II of the article ~  (Link to complete article)

“Duality Arises When Consciousness Arises”

Awakening leads to a review or a questioning of our former understanding of things. Upon awakening we ask ourselves if we still agree with our former views on most everything. Here we see how Nisargadatta views things after his awakening. We can see that his views put things in a radically different light than our conventional thinking – in the Light of Awakening.
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