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Dear Friends,

Since July of 2012 when I created this blog as Heartflow,  I shared what the Heart is showing me. Now, in January 2014, this blog has morphed into New Earth Heartbeat as I feel the vision of our Heart coming down onto ground zero with the creation of the New Earth Project.

New Earth Heartbeat is about what I call “Living New Earth”. By that I mean that each of us is able right now to live just the way we want to and just the way we imagine life is in New Earth. This has to do with our thoughts in every moment. It means asking myself if this thought is really the thought I want to have? This also has to do with my attitude towards the things and beings in my surroundings.

 “If we’re a free person, we aren’t conditioned by the things around us. We just smile to them and we make our path. Our surroundings are like a mirror. If we smile, the mirror smiles. If we cry, the mirror cries. If we’re angry, then the situation becomes angry. But even if the situation looks angry, if we are able to smile, then the surroundings smile with us. So the surroundings are coming from our mind.” Thich Nhat Hanh, Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go, p. 176

I ask myself if this is the way I want to be toward this person, or animal, or plant? Do I want to be patient with the objects in my life or impatient and irritated? Do I allow my anger to flare up at the car that swerves into my lane on the road, or do I have the inner strength to smile in that moment, and see how that changes things?

How about my relation to my body? Am I caring and considerate of its present condition, treating it like a cherished friend? Or do I “use” it without a sense of love and caring?

And so the list goes on for pages if we want. The new aspect of our life in 2014 as I see it is that each of us is now ready to live our lives according to our own personal sense of excellence. We are ready to give up the compromises that we have let ourselves in on in respect to our own integrity. We are no longer willing to live in a way that compromises our integrity with what we know we can do.

We can be aware every moment of the day, and even in the night. Although we may still go unconscious sometimes, but we know that day by day our practice is paying off. We know this and now we are ready to live this knowledge. It is up to each of us to create New Earth right now by living it.

In New Earth Heartbeat I will post what inspires and supports me in this endeavor. I hope you will enjoy these posts and will join in with your comments about how you live New Earth in your own, unique way. Wishing us all a very fulfilling and exciting New Year 2014!


Living the New Earth

The New Earth is a place that you create by the way in which you move through life.

As Krishnamurti said: “We move in the space we create as we move.”

These 20 things are where the rubber meets the road. Check them out! Happy Living!

20 things to do today



Peace is here when we are in Peace! It may sometimes not look like it in your surroundings, but trust that the Peace you find in yourself will show up in your life! Dedicate yourself to Peace and it will be in your life. This song is for us, to cheer us on to Peace Now!


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True Holiday Giving is Holding a Space of Peace and Bliss for Others

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Excerpt from eBook: Portals of Spirit by DL Zeta p 167

“Holiday gifting in the material world is but a pale reflection of the potentials each person has in terms of true giving. By this we mean sharing with others the true gifts and blessings of the spirit.

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This is a wonderful article on the image “EARTHRISE” below, that changed Humanity’s consciousness forever:


“Today marks the 45th anniversary of a view of Earth that changed forever how we think about our home planet. The year was 1968, and the world had just gone through twelve months of extreme unrest—the Tet Offensive, assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy, and protests throughout the globe that often ended in violence. “Beautiful” was certainly not the first word that came to most people’s minds when they reflected back on the year that was.

“Then, on Christmas Eve, Apollo 8 astronauts took a series of photographs from their orbit around the moon that, to borrow a phrase from Tina Seelig, author of InGenius, changed the frame.
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The Universe in Person

Universe in Person

Dear Friends,

This past Thursday I enjoyed a massage (an early Christmas present from my wife) by a very gifted therapist. She is adept at moving energy in my body in a very deep way. During the session I had a transcendental and transformative experience. Immediately after the session I put down as much as I could in words. Here it is:

The Universe in Person

Stars joined in the fiery union of cosmic intercourse

Their tremendous energies intermingling and embracing each other.

Out of the immensity of this explosion of joy many new celestial bodies were born, one of them Terra.

So much churning and flexing – spouting eruptions as it grew and took shape

Vast and deep oceans, massive mighty peaks, pulsating life in jungles and streams: the stage was set.

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Collecting the Nuts

Dear Friends,

I do share much of this author’s view of our belief about wealth and true value in our life. I do believe that we are capable of using the representations of value that we call money without losing sight of the true source of all worth, which is each and every one of us, our inalienable Eternal Essence. We have often lost sight of that and have assigned value to exterior “things” that we call “stuff”. On this subject Ben Hewitt is very eloquent and inspiring and I recommend his book highly!

Brainwashing for Economic Slavery

“Yet I cannot deny a certain degree of resentment that money – or lack thereof – commands so much of my attention and generates the overwhelming majority of strife I experience. I cannot help feeling somewhat bitter that, no matter how hard we try, no matter what deprivations we endure (and there have been plenty, I assure you), Penny and I remain beholden to the monetary realm. Continue reading


I was listening to the OPAL Tour (One People Absent Limits) conference in Panama City, Florida and this description by Sacha Stone (The New Earth Project) of our process to sovereignty struck me as very clear and therefore I am sharing it here with you:

Sacha Stone: “We need to address the question of sovereignty and of stepping outside of all of that imposed jurisdiction, because that’s been the problem.  So when we simply hit that trigger internally, all of us, and go: “hang on – back the hell up! Continue reading