mind in love

‘With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy.’ ~ Lope de Vega :: Art by Bonnie Joy Bardos


A mind that is in Love is a smiling mind; it is happy and feels buoyant, cheerful and playful. When in Love, the quality of its seeing is full of affection for everything in its field of perception. The cloak of heavy, dark or broken thoughts is dissipated. Continue reading

Spirit Man


Today I am introducing to you my new Facebook Page: Spirit Man

Spirit Man

When I first heard the words “spirit man” I perked my ears. It was almost twenty months ago that a message was given to me: “The person I know in my soul, I am. I am not the person I think I am with this body-mind. I know him. It’s OK for me to be the spirit-man I have held within my since earliest times.”
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Zen: shin ku myo u

“Moment after moment, everyone comes out from nothingness. This is the true joy of lifeSo we say shin ku myo u, “from true emptiness, the wondrous being appears.” Shin is “true”; ku is “emptiness”; myo is “wondrous”; u is “being” : from true emptiness, wondrous being.”

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There is a big misunderstanding about the idea of naturalness. Most people who come to us believe in some freedom or naturalness, but their understanding is what we call jinen ken gedo, or heretical naturalness. Jinen ken gedo means that there is no need to be formal—just a kind of “let-alone policy” or sloppiness. That is naturalness for most people. But that is not the naturalness we mean.  Continue reading

Letting Go…

Author Unknown – Original post here.

Letting Go…

She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.
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The Happiness Equation

Happiness Equation

What is my individual capacity to appreciate? The word “appreciate” comes from the Latin pretium= price. So to appreciate means to recognize the full worth of something, to be grateful for something. The more I am able to extend this ability to see the value of the most simple and everyday things, the higher will be my degree of happiness. My first teacher said that as long as I am not in that intensive care unit with all the tubes wires attached to me, I don’t have a problem. In other words, the simple fact of my heart beating and my lungs breathing is already so valuable that no one can put a price on it. Even the wealthiest man will come to the point where the doctor will tell him that he can do no more even for the highest price; it is out of his hands.
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On Mother’s Day

On Mother's Day

Sage Tree:

“Don’t forget about your Mama Gaia tomorrow.
Mother earth, the Super-ancient-great grandmother: who adopted and nurtured all of your ancestors, as droplets from the stars.
Dance with your little feet on her immense body, become one with her, sing through the networks of her children, one in gratitude.
She carries us to the rhythm of her steps through the galaxy. And in each season, she tells us stories of endurance, ever inspiring hope, rationless perseverance… and smiles at us, kisses us with blooms, the teeth of petals that nuzzle our awareness.
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Arizona Beach Retreat Journal Entry

sunset 1 small

This Saturday, April 6, Alia and I spoke of my taking a personal retreat out at Arizona Beach Lodge for a couple of days, however we didn’t have any extra cash at the moment so we were considering how to make it work. I suggested that I call the couple who run the motel there and see what rate they could give me for two nights at the beginning of the week, when they are most likely empty at this time of the year. They offered me a reduced rate and it looked like we would be able to make it work. Five minutes later I called back to ask if the room had a hotplate for cooking. To my surprise they then said I could have the large three bed unit with the full kitchen (the one I had stayed in a few times before)for FREE if I would clean it. I was ecstatic and of course agreed immediately. By Sunday afternoon I was there!
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