Festival to Maintain Harmony with the Universe

Shamans rouse the ancient Siberian spirits

‘I don’t think I even came across a country with as many practicing shamans as Tuva’. Picture: Alexander Nikolsky


By Anna Liesowska – The Siberian Times
10 September 2014

‘Call of 13 Shamans’

Stunning pictures as shamans from around the world gather in Sayan Mountains.

A shaman, in the dictionary definition, is ‘a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practise divination and healing.’

These images – giving an extraordinary glimpse inside this largely unknown world – have emerged of a conclave held this summer over nine days near the village Khorum-Dag in Tyva Republic.

This festival, named ‘Call of 13 Shamans’ was held in an area of Siberia that retains great respect for shamans and was intended as a show of unity by the planet’s most respected practitioners.

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quote from 'a hole to dig, a dictionary of first definitions' by ruth krass and maurice sendak:


But there is so much noise and confusion and suffering and disillusionment and, and, and…

Yes, and yet, where is your ‘little stream’ you can sit near and listen to?

Be well, my friends!




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our new simple gospel

Tiana’s wisdom!

3 minutes to uplift your Heart!

This video was posted on Cherish Sherry’s Facebook page an September 21, 2015 and I am so happy to see that (at the time of this writing) it had 11,421,892 Views, 2,560 people liked this and 537 made wonderful comments!

Here is the story in her Mom’s words:

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Creature of Wings

Original Post

by of Common Sense Knight WordPress.com

raven_wings__darkness_moving_into_the_light Of all the warm time she spent and couldn’t remember about she was welcomed by some more warmth of motherly love and smile by a loving figure she didn’t knew of but could realize she was in safe and loving abode. Raised with all the love and affection the loving figure who she later realized was called mother. Mother taught this little creature many things about life, about world, living she grasped them all very well she was indeed a brainy creature. Continue reading

strong and gentle

gentle and strong


I am experiencing a new cycle on the spiral of my individual inner development. This cycle is showing up as an increased and acute sense of fragility and vulnerability on the emotional level. I am approaching pain and suffering that is focused in my neurology on some deeper level than I have accessed to date. When I touch in to this energy I recognize physical and emotional abuse from my own childhood as well as physical, emotional and mental abuse that Humanity has experienced and is still at this very moment experiencing.

This pain and suffering is an energy that is, of course, simply energy in its basic form and therefore, once I touch into it, it can move again into another frequency. It has been caught up in its present vibrational frequency as pain and suffering simply because my energy field (my body-mind structure) at some point, as a child, felt it had to lock down these sensations and experiences. I, at that point, made the decision to put this energy into a strong container and there it remained until I felt strong enough to open the container and allow that energy to move again into another frequency.

Over the decades, since I first realized that I cannot be harmed by these old energies, I have opened that container and released much of the old pain and suffering. Now, once again, I am opening myself up to embracing these fragments of myself into the one Heart that heals all and purifies all of my energy from such residual impressions and sensations. This is a process of accepting that I am strong enough to look at and feel deeply the pain that has been locked away in me. I realize that there is nothing to fear anymore and that I am an integral part of this great Benevolence that we call Life. I realize that the supreme dimension that I am asked to enter into is the dimension of the creator energy and that that creator energy is Love itself.

All I am asked to do is to train and practice tuning into the Love force that is in me and to first of all direct this Love force to soothe my own pain and suffering. Then I am able to treat my own body and my own feelings with respect, tenderness and caring, giving them the nourishing benefit of the Love and Compassion energy from within me. Only then am I able to treat other with this Love, Respect and Compassion. The strength I then have allows me to be gentle in all my thoughts, words and actions.

ZEN: God Giving


‘To give is non-attachment, that is; just not to attach to anything is to give.”

(At the bottom find the YouTube with  Peter Coyote reading this chapter of Sunryu Suzuki’s “Zen Mind, Beginners’ Mind)

Every existence in nature, every existence in the human
world, every cultural work that we create, is something
which was given, or is being given to us, relatively speaking.
But as everything is originally one, we are, in actuality,
giving out everything. Moment after moment we are creating
something, and this is the joy of our life. But this ” l”
which is creating and always giving out something is not the
“small I” ; it is the “big I .” Even though you do not realize
the oneness of this “big I” with everything, when you give
something you feel good, because at that time you feel at
one with what you are giving. This is why it feels better to
give than to take.
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Letting Go…

Author Unknown – Original post here.

Letting Go…

She let go of the fear.
She let go of the judgments.
She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.
She let go of the committee of indecision within her. She let go of all the ‘right’ reasons.
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Krishnamurti: Goodness

This following text of Krishnamurti is another passage from one of my favorite books of his: “This Light In Oneself “. This is Chapter 3, “Living in Goodness”.

The first passage  from this book that I posted on Heartflow was from Chapter 13, “Observing from a Quiet Mind” and subsequently I posted “What is Meditation?” from Chapter 12, “A Sacred Life”.

The selections in the book “This Light in Oneself” present the core of Krishnamurti’s teaching on meditation, taken from discussions with small groups, as well as from public talks to large audiences. His main theme is the essential need to look inward, to know ourselves, in order really to understand our own—and the world’s—conflicts. We are the world, says Krishnamurti, and it is our individual chaos that creates social disorder. He offers timeless insights into the source of true freedom and wisdom.
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zen: Faith Hope Belief

Light flashing in StoneWhat fears, what thirsting for approval, what hunger for recognition hold me in the grooves of conditioning? I free myself of that and I am a unique expression of the Infinite. Can I feel the call to show myself freely? We are ready to acknowledge ourselves and to be self-evident… All pressure to renege on myself is now unbearable!

Just yesterday I was looking at all the New Age views about ‘something great’ about to come around the corner etc. and I was reflecting on how that continues to program everyone onto ‘hope’, ‘faith’ and the identity that is built around ‘becoming a multi-dimensional being’ etc. This focus on something yet to come and on some event yet to happen in order for my destiny to fulfill itself has the tendency to keep us from realizing just how amazing that <being> which is already here, which I already AM, actually is. That is where the exploration of this mystery begins, in my opinion.
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Embracing otherness, embracing myself: Thandie Newton

Today I want to showcase this wonderful woman. Her TED Talk is deeply insightful and will provide food for contemplation on topics that many of us are pondering in our own lives. Thandie Newton is also a STRONG VOICE FOR WOMEN and very active in the campaign ONE BILLION RISING to stop abuse against women all over the world. Please see the related articles at the bottom for more on her activities as a voice for women.

“Swinging from Hollywood blockbusters to sensitive indie films, Thandie Newton brings thoughtfulness and delicate beauty to her work.” TED.com

Why you should listen to her:

Thandie NewtonFilmgoers first encountered Thandie Newton in the 1991 film Flirting, a tender and skin-crawlingly honest film about young love and budding identity. In her career since then, she’s brought that same intimate touch even to big Hollywood films (she was the moral center of Mission: Impossible II, for instance, and the quiet heart of the head-banging 2012), while maintaining a strong sideline in art films, like the acclaimed Crash and last year’s adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s For colored girls …
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