the wine of immortality

In Chinese mythology, Xi Wangmu is the goddess of immortality and the heavens. She grows a peach garden with peaches that grant immortality.


“Become drinkers of nectar – all of you – drinkers of the wine of immortality!

Tread the path of immortality, where no death exists and no disease.

When you feel power within yourself,

when new light dawns on you from within,

the more you can keep it concealed in utter calm and stillness,

the more it will grow in intensity.”


(Source: RICHARD LANNOY © Anandamayi, Her Life and Wisdom, Short Communications 5)


What do these words conjure up in you? Do you feel a deep stirring within from the time when humans were all connected to their immortal souls? What does it mean to live in the awareness of eternity, of immortality? How different would my life, my behavior be if I lived in this awareness? Would I take each step, speak each word as if it counted and would be felt by all beings everywhere forever? Can I leap now into the faith of the Great One that always knows its immortality and Eternal Presence?




Event Meditation Report


For those of you who participated in the Global Meditation for Peace and Planetary Liberation (Event Meditation) on November 21, 2015, here is Cobra’s report.

Below the report I have posted the YouTube link to the remarkable Pepsi clip on “BLACK KNIGHT DECODED: A Pepsi Production” that will interest you if you have not already seen it. Disclosure is happening. Continue reading

from Brahma to the roots of the grass

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We spent the last week in the Tennessee woods. During this time I re-gained a connection to the Natural World that I had felt most of the time while living in Morocco for the prior 19 months. Upon our return I was re-immersed for a few days intensely and very abruptly into the technocratic world beginning with the several hour lay-over at the Philadelphia airport on our return flight. I felt nausea and disorientation as I observed the flow of human forms moving through the terminal on the way to their destinations or pausing at one of the food and drink facilities along the way. Anyone living in the USA in a larger urban area is familiar with the fact the currently (November 2015) at least 90 out of 100 persons are occupied with their hand-held or portable digital electronic data transmitting devices when in public spaces, such as airports. Continue reading

Purusha – The Cosmic Witness*lV4SQCuipkrBP-an8JmJBXK1sKG-eNFj7mrQPUI4b9uhjbL5s*zJxeb3iIRaYKKlW9CDvU2ZqhqLdtEwL*X1hT/CosmicMan.jpg


Purusha is a Sanskrit word that is often translated as the Cosmic Witness (although it has other related meanings).

My comments on Nisargadatta’s statements below:

Basically when we can be aware of the fact that we are aware – then we are not just witnessing the content of consciousness, but we are That first principle quality which is untouched by all content. For me such contemplation is useful to “end” the involvement with or attachment to Consciousness even as the Witness. It is almost like all of Consciousness, starting with the sense “I am” entangles us within the web of manifestation of phenomena. Continue reading

a spiritual scientist


Become a spiritual scientist. The fundamental element of our psyche is the sense of “I”, also often called the Ego. Focus your whole being on this element. Where does it originate within your being? Be a spiritual scientist and focus the powerful beam of your Inner Awareness on the “I” feeling. When you perceive anything, or think anything, direct your focus on that “I” sense and follow it to where it originates as our first thought. Continue reading

What is it like to be an energy being?

light body

Sometimes dreams leave such a vivid and lasting impression that shows me something I haven’t yet experienced that clearly in my “waking” hours. I  call these “teaching dreams”. Last night was such a dream experience. In this dream I was suddenly completely aware that I was an energy being. Continue reading

the universe in its glory

Footsteps_pistol river

from the Cosmic Awareness material:

This Awareness suggests those persons who cannot understand or perceive Universal Consciousness have little chance of using it, while those who do, have a greater chance of applying its use to their purposes. Those who never imagined the Universe to be alive and conscious only have use of the consciousness they perceive in themselves, and for some this is quite limited. Yet another, staring at a grain of sand can perceive the entire universe in its glory.

the science of a living universe – part III: human thought approaches a new understanding


(This is the third of a series of excerpts from the booklet “Cosmic Metaphysics” from the Cosmic Awareness material)

Subsystems Can Evolve

This Awareness indicates that as the information processing continues, if it continues long enough and receives proper stimulus, it becomes possible for new intelligence to develop in a subsystem such as in a species or subspecies of life form to such a degree that its members begin to understand the way things work in the world of information processing. Thus, it has been for the human race and as entities become aware that they exist and can change their existences by the influence of the information being processed for or by them, they learn to direct their destiny based on Cosmic Law. Continue reading

the science of a living universe – part II: the origin of evil

Bad sign

(This is the second of a series of excerpts from the booklet “Cosmic Metaphysics” from the Cosmic Awareness material)

As energies, substances, and information all being the same can be combined, likewise, energies, substances, and information can be extracted and separated from a unit leaving parts isolated as parts taken from the synthesis by the process of analysis. This separation and isolation results in an ignorance of the whole; such ignoring gives rise to error, which in turn has been called evil. Continue reading

cosmic biophysics – the science of a living universe – part I


(This is the first of a series of excerpts from the booklet “Cosmic Metaphysics” from the Cosmic Awareness material)

In recent times, within the past decade or so, many scientists have moved to a new way of thinking, realizing that there is within the nature of the material universe something more subtle at work than mechanical and chemical action and reaction, something which creates systems that process information. And that these systems may evolve and form still greater systems which in turn may create more recognizable life forms. And these life forms may be interconnected with still greater information processing systems. Continue reading