no one there





Walking down a country road a man approached and said to me: “You alone are”. I asked what he meant by that and he said: “There really is no one else but you here, although it seems so.” Then he went on his way. Continue reading

Winter the dog



October 25, 2016

Winter is my dog. Or better, I am her person. She adopted me after we became acquainted on my daily walks to one of the meditation sites at the Open Air Meditation Sanctuary (OMS). Alia and I lived here for a bit over six months and now we have departed for our next destination at the Meadowsong Ecovillage in Oregon near Eugene.

Daily I spent an hour or more, up to three hours on some days, at site 4 drinking my coffee, reading, writing and just sitting on a beautiful raised platform in the midst of the lush Ozark woods. Winter started to come with a stick in her mouth, asking me to throw it for her. Sometimes Raja, the older fellow of the two dogs at OMS, would join us and sit more or less quietly, unless visitors came to one of the nearby sites and then she would greet them barking. Winter, of course, followed the example of her older mentor and barked as well. Continue reading

I Could Get Used to This…


I had one of those exceptional dreams a while ago – the kind that when you “wake up” you realize that the dream was a real as where you are now.
And hearing the view recently that the dream quality of experience is how emotions manifest into a dimension of their own (some call it the 4th dimension) – I let my senses linger with this particular dream vision/experience a few times during the day so as to let the quality solidify itself more deeply into the cells of my psycho-somatic organism.

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the inner sun

inner light 1

I am a self-luminous being. As my luminosity is directed back onto itself it becomes aware of itself as pure luminosity that shows up as various shapes and forms. Sounds, smells and tastes are as well forms of this luminosity. Viewed from this vantage point, thoughts are so much chirping of the human bird – at times audible and then we call it words and speech. When this chirping is not audible we call it thoughts or mind-chatter. This chirping can help to transfer images from one person to another and therefore can serve to align the movements of our luminosity into harmony, or also into disruptions of the patterns of luminosity, as the case may be. Continue reading


My Gift to the wonderful bloggers who have honored Heartflow is


This award has very simple rules:

1) Upon receipt of this award, you are to take a mental vacation for five minutes. Gaze off into space, look out of the window, have yourself a wonderful day dream.
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Living Love: Day Six – Eternal Energy Essence of Love

Living LoveWow! These Days of Living Love are certainly intense! There is so much energy starting to electrify between those accompanying me on these 23 Days! We are beginning to spiral together into a deeper connection with the primordial energy (and beyond). Thank you all for this gift we are making to ourselves.

I read the verse for today before sleeping and first thing before getting out of bed. Maybe something percolates during the night?
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