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Thich Nhat Hanh:

There are two dimensions to reality. The wave has two dimensions: the historical dimension where is seems to have a beginning and an end; birth and death; high and low; being and non-being.

But if we touch the historical dimension deeply, we touch the ultimate dimension. It’s like if we touch the wave deeply we touch the water in it, because the historical dimension and the ultimate dimension are not separate. There is a possibility that the wave can live a life as a wave and at the same time live a life as water. The moment when the wave gets in touch with the water and realizes she is water, she will lose all her fear, her jealousy, her despair. Before that she was caught in the idea of beginning, ending, high, low, more or less beautiful, a victim of fear and of jealousy, or craving. But once she touches her true nature of water, she knows that she is deathless, birthless, no beginning, no end. 




2 thoughts on “ultimate dimension

  1. Good and evil are the same. It is our liberty that decides which road to take.
    We are like protons: self-sustaining.
    Either we die and become part of the universe or a black hole.
    These are your choices. Sitting on the fence is not an option. Flow like water.

    Great thanks

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