diamond heart


Highlights of Christie’s New York April 16, Magnificent ...


Flawless, indestructible, effulgent, radiant.


Upon waking in the middle of the night, while between sleep and waking, I “saw” this diamond as my heart with my inner eye. It was clear that it is the Heart of everyone. The qualities above were the focus of the vision although I saw the shape of the large diamond as a clear internal image for several hours, and even now I can recall the image easily. These images are fascinating in that they are quite real, and so I could see that the size of the diamond was about four inches in length and I could almost feel the weight of it, were I to hold in in my hand.

Mainly the transmission was the quality of the diamond as untouchable by any influences in the phenomenal world. It infused me with a sense of all the confusion and suffering we experience as being transitory and that this core quality of our Being is never stained or degraded by any of this. And that each of us has access to this diamond heart as our true reality as soon as we are able to let the impressions of the phenomenal world, all emotions, mental formations, desires, regrets etc. etc. subside. This diamond is always as it is and is merely covered over by superficial movements of consciousness.




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