a fabricated center


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My Comment:

There must be a center as “I”, the “me”  in order to take delivery of receiving. The “me” is the construct that has been fabricated by consciousness and then taken to be a fact. Actually it is not. The “me” wants to secure its existence by storing all impressions in memory, holding them in order to analyze what happened so as to prepare for what might happen in the “future”. 

The “outgoing in which there is no receiving” that Krishnamurti speaks of, does not relate to this fabricated center that sees itself as the most important element of existence. There is only the forever outgoing, the creation. K further speaks of “destructive creation”, which points us to creation that does not accumulate the forms that arise and sprout incessantly, but that holds no residue of the past movement. Only when there is the “me” center does the urge to hold on to, to take a second look (from the store in memory) arise.

Krishnamurti: “Consciousness is always receiving, accumulating, and from what it has gathered, interpreting; receiving through all its pores; storing up, experiencing from what it has gathered, judging, compiling, modifying. It looks, not only through the eyes, through the brain but through this background.

“Consciousness goes out to receive and in receiving, it exists. In its hidden depths, it has stored what it has received through centuries, the instincts, the memories, the safeguard, adding, adding, only to take away to add further. When this consciousness looks out, it is to weigh, to balance and to receive. And when it looks within, its look is still the outer look, to weigh, to balance and to receive; the inward stripping is another form of adding. This time-binding process goes on and on with an ache, with fleeting joy and sorrow.

“But to look, to see, to listen, without this consciousness – an outgoing in which there is no receiving, is the total movement of freedom. This outgoing has no centre, a point, small or extensive, from which it moves; thus it moves in all directions, without the barrier of time-space. Its listening is total, its look is total. This outgoing is the essence of attention.”





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