Image may contain: nature, text that says '"One of two things must be done. Either surrender because you admit your inability and require a higher power to help you, or investigate the cause of misery by going to the source and merging into the Self. Either way you will be free from misery. God never forsakes one who has surrendered." Ramana Maharshi soulful arogya'


And there are two basic principles of self- realization. One is atma-vichara, self-inquiry and the other one is Bhakta, devotion, or self- surrender. By these two methods, one may awaken.

The first method, self-inquiry is the best but so is self-surrender. In self-inquiry, you try to understand who you really are by asking yourself, “Who am I? Who is this? What is real?” By asking yourself those questions you go down to reality and discover truth, what you’ve always been. By following the I, by understanding the Self and abiding in the Self, you ultimately chase away the dark clouds and you shine once again as you always did.

The second method is self-surrender, where you surrender completely to your Self which is God. By saying, “Not my will but thine,” and realizing that your Self is God. Your Self is absolute reality. It is your Self that you’ve been looking for all of these years. Your Self is your teacher. Your Self is your guru. Your Self is the ultimate reality. There’s nothing but the Self. And you begin to feel this. And you really want this more than anything else in life. Then you do everything you have to do to go deeper and deeper within yourself and discover your own reality.

– Robert Adams, CW, Ts 19



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