the practitioner’s true wealth



“Adverse conditions are a practitioner’s true wealth. 

Voluntarily embracing 100 percent responsibility for every circumstance we face:

When an obstacle that you have previously dealt with reappears, it is not a punishment, it is wake-up call, a reminder to see that you are already in perfection and that all you need to do is to tune into your vast awareness. Difficulties arise to fire you up in inspiration and to awaken the passion you felt you had to quell. This intent and passion will allow you to let go of old negative behavior and emotional patterning.

source Bobby Klein, I Ching Weekly


Zen Master Hongzhi:
Buddha Flowers, Leaves, Roots, and Dusts

The Way is not what the ancestors transmit. Before the ancestors come, it already pervades the whole environment. Emptiness is inherently without characteristics; spirituality cannot be imitated. On its own, illumination emerges from causes and conditions.

Constantly living apart from surface appearances is called being the ancestor.

Simply certify and unite with it; you cannot be handed it.

All buddhas arrive here and regard this as the ultimate. They respond to transformations and disperse their bodies as flowers, leaves, roots, and dusts.

Wisdom enters the three times and the ten thousand changes do not disturb us, each dust is not outside us. This marvel is beyond the vast thousands of classical texts, so where could you hold on to the shadowy world?

source p. 53





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