over the rainbow

…dreams do come true ~


IZ over the rainbow

Over the Rainbow



I sat at his feet, very confused, asking What should I do? 

Do what you want, he said.

BE LIKE A ROCK  – I heard inside me. Don’t move.

If there is no observer, there is silence.

Around the tree the vine curled, and spoke: your gift and your curse to be like me. Stand on your own, groaned the tree. Those who want will approach.

Find the end of your thirst in the bottom of the bottle – right here is the end of the circle. It was a spiral but even that meets with its end one day. All accounts closed – pay your tab, it’s due.

The room lit up: space is no end in sight. One note is heard, and then another, a sound-flow up and down and in circles spiraling. So a spiral after all – and who says there’s an end? I’ll believe it when I see it. 

But what about stopping, and silence? All myths. If you knew that you move in the space you create as you move, it might be intimidating, you know, like taking responsibility for every single action, every thought, every feeling and your knee-jerk reactions. How can I be responsible for all of that? No one is saying you “should” be responsible for all of that, only that there is no one else you can point your finger at.

So it’s all one, so there is no “other” to be found anywhere? Only you, can make the world seem right. Only you, can make the darkness bright. Only you, can make this change in me.

But first, who or what are you? Where do you start and I begin?

I set myself up to expand my optimism, if I can do anything I want and no one there to say yea or nay. Do I or do I not create my entire reality? What about everything being embedded in the net of Indra, Interbeing, Bohm’s Implicate Order etc? Maybe – maybe not. Why not expand my optimism, being the belief in the best thing? 

Belief is what I can change. I believe that my thoughts and feelings, my deeper feeling tone, will manifest as the world I perceive around me. I just go ahead and jump in and say: my belief will make it so. Maybe, maybe not. In the meanwhile I am creating the space of contemplating the best thing. But what about the worst thing, the bad things, the uncomfortable and disabling things in my life? Then rely on the third energy of the cosmos, after light matter and dark matter: it doesn’t matter.

Hold a vision of my ideal self: 



the me

I want to be



in the space



as I move


Beauty incites Beauty

Time births Time


Moving with grace ~

Moving with trust ~

What do I want?

What is my deepest passion?

What really moves me profoundly?


The idea that there is a world outside us has to be abrogated.


Contentment: emotional and cognitive balance; Peace of Mind; To be the innermost self of the self – a point without extension, an infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere; the Pearl of the Buddha Mind; Realization that Ends the Past; what the sage doesn’t do makes him a sage; Silence at every point; Merging with the Great Flow; Nourish the collective loving Heart of Compassion; elegant simplicity; a single vast space of consciousness in which there is no body at all.





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