the pearl of my mind




“Contemplation is any way you have of penetrating illusion and touching reality.”

Parker Palmer

Parker goes on to say that you don’t have to sit cross-legged or chant a mantra and that one of the most contemplative people he knows is a woman who cares for her severely developmentally disabled child. She has to live her own life and be so deeply connected to her child that she has penetrated all of the illusions that modern society suggests make a person valuable. In this way she touches reality.  (source)

A man from times past is the hermit-sage Han Shan, also known as the poet from Cold Mountain. He spent much of his life wandering freely through the T’ien-t’ai Mountains of Chekiang Province in China, living off what he could forage. This was his way of penetrating illusion and touching reality. At one point he expressed this ‘touching reality’ in this way: Continue reading