Buddha Face


from the Sutra of 42 Chapters:

Chapter 9: Knowledge and Practice

The Buddha said, “For those who accrue extensive knowledge of the Way, becoming enamored with it, the Way is difficult to attain.For those with unwavering resolve in following the Way, the Way is great indeed.”

another version:

(9) The Buddha said: “If you endeavor to embrace the Way through much learning, the Way will not be understood. If you observe the Way with simplicity of heart, great indeed is this Way.”

Chapter 18: The No-mind Doctrine

The Buddha said, “My doctrine is to be mindful of no-mind, to act with non-action, to speak the inexpressible, and to cultivate non-cultivation. Those who understand this are close to the Way; those who are confused are far from it. The Way is beyond speech and conception, and nothing can constrain it. To miss this point by a hair’s breadth is to lose the Way instantly.”

another version:

(18) The dharma which I teach is to practice the non-practice practice and to cultivate non-cultivation.”





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