original brightness


Barbara Rosen Autumn


Zen Master Hongzhi:

The Whole Arrives in Original Brightness

The place of silent and serene illumination is the heavenly dome in clear autumn, shining brightly without strain, gleaming through both light and shadow.

At this juncture the whole is supreme and genuinely arrives. The clear source is enacted with spirit, the axis is wide and the energy lively, everything apparent in the original brightness.

The center is manifest and is celebrated. All the various events are consummated, with yin and yang balanced and the ten thousand representations equalized.

Smooth and level, magnificently peaceful, from north to south, from east to west, heaven is the same as heaven, people are the same as people, responsive with their bodies, visible in their forms, speaking the dharma. This ability is fully actualized, extensively obliterating obstacles.

source: PDF p. 51 -52


My Comment

These verses of Zen Master Hongzhi are like Koan-Poems. He challenges us to enter into the qualities he portrays and then look out into the world. Everything is transformed, but it is a practice that must be continued for a while, like learning a new language before you can understand the speaker.




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