Some excerpts from a transcription of the dharma talk by Thich Nhat Hanh: “Looking deeply into the nature of things”:

Thay True Nature of Things

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The six notions: coming/going, birth/death, being/non-being cannot be applied to reality. Reality is free of these six notions. When we plant the seed of corn and the corn plant sprouts, it is only a continuation, not a birth.

Salvation – emancipation and freedom by insight, looking deeply can be achieved using techniques and methods. We practice looking deeply so we can get the insight. That insight will help transform the suffering in us and other people. The insight is needed to transform anger.

Looking at the anger I have for my father or my mother, I can recognize that I am the continuation of my father, of my mother: that is a FACT. Reconcile with him, with her, inside yourself – “You didn’t know how to handle your suffering, so you became a victim of your own suffering, and we, your children, suffered.” Now I have the conditions to do better. I know how to work to transform the afflictions in me. “I vow to do better.” Otherwise I will transmit the suffering, the affliction, and the habit energies to my children and to others.

We want to see the true face, the true nature, the true origin of ourselves.

Looking deeply we find out there is no beginning and no ending. I am not the same person I was yesterday but I am also not a totally different one. The person yesterday and the person today are neither the same nor a different entity – they “inter-are”.




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