Great Mirror Wisdom


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Thay Mind Great Mirror Wisdom

Thay Mind Great Mirror Wisdom 2


My Comments:

Slowing down is helpful to be able to allow the Ultimate Dimension. By being completely with each interaction with the world (contact – attention – feeling/sensation – cognition/conceptualization – volition) I touch into the Ultimate Dimension and Suchness. This means to BE with each movement and each thing. Then I can breathe mindfully, smile and release. This allows me to touch into Suchness more easily than when I am doing several things at once (“multi-tasking”). If I am chewing my food and reading or writing in my journal at the same time, I am actually doing none of these things fully and my attention is superficial and incomplete. 

I remember when I was perhaps 13 years old and remarking to myself after a good meal, that I had not tasted or enjoyed any of it. It was like Life was behind a plate-glass window on exhibit, but I had no access to it. I was abused as a child and it seems that on some level my whole body shut down from real contact with the world of phenomena. The mindfulness teaching has been one of the main avenues for me to regain direct contact with Life.

By being fully present more and more with each Dharma, each phenomenon, that I connect with I enter into the depth of the NOW dimension, the Ultimate Dimension, the Store Consciousness, The Self and the Absolute. Then Direct Perception is possible and life is rich, mysterious, and full of the unexpected.

May all beings awaken to themselves.




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