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Krishnamurti: Pure Observation

(Partial transcript of YouTube video – link below: A Clear and Quiet Mind can see the Eternal 14:35)

Just observe, just see this sensation, this reaction, which has been called (for example) envy, and look at it without the word. Then there is no word, because the word represents the past. When you use the word ‘envy’, it strengthens the past.

There is a possibility of living without any sense of control, therefore no sense of division. That can only come when there is only pure observation. Do it! Test it out! When there is no conflict whatsoever, what takes place in the mind? Conflict implies movement, movement is time. Time being from here to there, both physically and psychologically. The movement from the center to another center, or from this periphery to another.

If you observe this movement very carefully: no authority, the nature of thought – being limited – as knowledge stored up in the brain’s memory, as thought in action, as ignorance. Thought has created all the inward problems.

The mind has the capacity to act not from thought, but from pure observation. We are examining what is actually taking place. To observe what is actually taking place one must look at how the response from the past separates. From that pure observation there is action. That is intelligence, and also that extraordinary thing called love and compassion.

The mind that has the quality of intelligence is like a rock in the midst of the stream – immovable. The mind has understood relationship, not from image to image. This has now this quality of great stability. That which is stable is silent.

To be absolutely clear, to have clarity, which can then examine any problem. That clarity is stability. The mind that is confused, is seeking, striving, broken up, unstable, neurotic. The mind that is totally clear is immovable.

Such a mind is quiet. The mind that is absolutely silent, still, not created by thought operating on noise, but stillness not dependent on anything, can see that which is eternal, timeless, nameless. That is meditation.

see this post for the video of this talk






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