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Ramana – Talk 30

Mr. N. Natesa Iyer, the leader of the Bar in a South Indian town, an orthodox Brahmin, asked: “Are the gods Iswara or Vishnu and their sacred regions Kailasa or Vaikuntha real?
Ramana: As real as you are in this body.
D: Do they possess a vyavahara satya, i.e., phenomenal existence, like my body? Or are they fictions like the horn of a hare?
R: They do exist.
D: If so, they must be somewhere. Where are they?
R: Persons who have seen them say that they exist somewhere. So we must accept their statement.
D: Where do they exist?
R: In you.
D: Then it is only idea – that which I can create and control?
R: Everything is like that.
D: But I can create pure fictions e.g., hare’s horn or only part truths, e.g. mirage, while there are also facts irrespective of my imagination. Do the gods Iswara or Vishnu exist like that?
R: Yes.
D: Is He subject to pralaya (cosmic dissolution)?
R: Why? Man becoming aware of the Self transcends cosmic dissolution (pralaya) and becomes liberated (mukta). Why not God (Iswara) who is infinitely wiser and abler?

source p. 45


D: Is it not possible to get a vision of God?
R: Yes. You see this and that. Why not see God? Only you must know what God is. All are seeing God always. But they do not know it. You find out what God is. People see, yet see not, because they know not God.

source p. 49




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