While still in the dream state I was cutting into the flesh of our being, much like you would cut into a piece of fruit, for example an apple, in order to see how much had been affected by the decay that was seen on the surface. I was making small cuts and everywhere I cut I could see more decay. I saw that the decay was pervasive. I was aware that this was my/our own body that I was examining. While seeing the evidence of this general state of decay, at the same time “I” was not affected by the degeneration but rather I was in a vibrant state of renewal and vitality. As this thought entered my awareness I felt myself as a center of this revitalization. It was clear that I am called to hold my awareness, my focus on the quality of renewal despite all signs of decay and degeneration and to hold to the conviction that my inner-most being is continual renewal and vitality. It is again the metaphor of the two wolves inside me: one is the wolf of judgment, cynicism, despair etc and the other is the wolf of compassion, acceptance, innocence and the infinite force of life. Which one will I feed?





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