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Nisargadatta: That state is not to be experienced, about that you can’t speak. Just be that state, what is experienced is not truth. What is experienced is not truth that is the primary problem. I did not know that I was in that state, suddenly I knew, I am, thus all the trouble. In that state there was no knowingness, suddenly ‘I am’ and I caught hold of the body. My identity of ‘I amness’ is the entire manifestation, not individual body. All the trouble began with the ‘otherness’, a quality that came with ‘I amness’. Whenever there is a problem you ask: ‘let us find the state of affairs as they are’, don’t try to bluff, and then the solution comes. So in this fraudulent play of the manifest world I went on to find the actual position, the ‘I amness’ means world manifestation and it is a time bound state, so why should I bother?

Presently ‘I amness’ is bubbling and challenging, but all this is time bound, pride will go along with the ‘I am’ (So Hum), later on, no ‘I am’ (No Hum). Whatever you do is as per your concepts, nothing was, here or there. In the Brahman aperture there is sprouting of ‘I amness” and all manifestation too, but I am not that. Yogis after penetrating all the ‘chakras’, take up the breath in the Brahma Chakra and hibernate. If the body does not swell, his ‘I am’ is in the tranquil state in the aperture, but once the ‘I am’ is dissolved his body will swell. Any being when born with that ‘I am’ still inside, will have an outside manifest world; each being having its own inside and outside world. The one who has attained the target, he is no more an individual, thus he has no ego, when ego is gone, it will be realized that the ‘I amness’ is felt no more.

source: Nisargadatta,  I am Unborn, 30th January 1980, PDF p 102




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