my discipline


modern times II


My Discipline:

They say that when I put my attention on the world the Self gets obliterated.

Obliterate the world and put your attention on Self.

Putting inert objects into an inert object – we call it ‘eating’.

The mouth is a chewing machine – it leads to the swallowing apparatus.

From there the chemical factory (our digestion) takes over distributing all the building material into this grand edifice made of food – we call it ‘my body’.

Now it appears alive, a Frankenstein plugged into the Current, the alive beingness fed by the ocean of the Unseen.

Is the ocean depleted by this feed? Good question.

When experiencing the inert objects dancing like puppets the awareness of Self – the Unseen – is obliterated.

We kill the Self when our attention is placed on the Seen.

We are interminably attracted to incessantly adjusting and modifying the workings of this grand mechanism we call ‘the world’, starting with the closest part to us we call ‘my body’.

We attend to its insatiable needs so as to prolong its functioning indefinitely.

“Ein Morgan wuenscht sich das Fleisch.” Camus (The flesh desires a tomorrow.)

“Das Leben wird immer das Leben dienen und die Zeit wird immer die Zeit hervorbringen.” Camus (Life will always serve life and time will always produce time.)

My discipline is to exercise that fine restraint in ‘my life’ to recede from the obsession with the inert objects known as ‘the world’.

This is not renunciation but as understanding blossoms interest in the phantom objects called phenomena falls away effortlessly.

This is the movement towards the Heart, that which pulsing pulsing pulsing as the Great Unseen.

Everything that supports the flow of my consciousness to reverse into pratiprasava (the flow back to its source: procreation) from the conditioned flow of consciousness and release its addiction to the ‘outside objects’ is aligned with this Intent.

There is a Force that is not of form and it is exerting a deep unrelenting pull on my consciousness.

It is my discipline to surrender to THAT attraction.




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