silence far within

dreamstimefree_leaves on bark


My Comment:

It is a process of seeing the mental formations and seeing how repetitive and ‘one-dimensional’ they are. They lack real depth because they are always sourced from memory, which consists of mere impressions of the movement of creation that once was, but is now no more. Now is always a movement of energy that never was before. The mind has the function of seeking and finding security for itself, and to this aim it records the present movement of Life and believes that it has captured aliveness, but that is always self-deception. As this self-deception, this delusion, is uncovered it loses all power. It stands as the Emperor with no clothes. Then the game is up and the tables have irreversibly turned in favor of Awareness of Reality. This Awareness, which has nothing at all in common with the space of mentation, pervades our life with an understanding that is not of words or concepts. Trusting this new understanding is then where we must put our attention.


Crossing the bridge, up in the sun-speckled wood, meditation was quite a different thing. Without any wish and search, without any complaint of the brain, there was unenforced silence; the little birds were chirping away, the squirrels were chasing up the trees, the breeze was playing with the leaves and there was silence. The little stream, the one coming from a long distance, was more cheerful than ever and yet there was silence, not outside but deep, far within.

It was total stillness within the totality of the mind, which had no frontiers. It was not the silence within an enclosure, within an area, within the limits of thought and so recognized as stillness. There were no frontiers, no measurements and so the silence was not held within experience, to be recognized and stored away. It may never occur again and if it did, it would be entirely different. Silence cannot repeat itself; only the brain through memory and recollection can repeat what had been, but what had been is not the actual.

Meditation was this total absence of consciousness put together through time and space. Thought, the essence of consciousness, cannot, do what it will, bring about this stillness; the brain with all its subtle and complicated activities must quiet down of its own accord, without the promise of any reward or of security. Only then it can be sensitive, alive and quiet. The brain understanding its own activities, hidden and open, is part of meditation; it’s the foundation in meditation, without it meditation is only self-deception, self-hypnosis, which has no significance whatsoever. There must be silence for the explosion of creation.

source: Krishnamurti’s Notebook PDF p. 78/335





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