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116. Know that the thick veiling of a jiva’s forgetfulness about all the troubles caused to others or by others during his innumerable past lives is due to the Grace of God [for his own peace of mind].

117. “When the remembrance of even a few miserable instances in this lifetime can make one’s life a hell, should not forgetfulness alone be loved by all?”

Sadhu Om’s comment:

“In the above two stanzas Sri Bhagavan (Ramana) advises us that it is foolish to try to know about our past births. Both pain and pleasure are mere thoughts, originating from the root ‘I’-thought, which is misery itself; hence, since no true happiness can come from misery, to forget the pain and pleasures of the past is alone bliss.”

source: Ramana, Guru Vachaka Kovai





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