single vast Space of Consciousness

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97. “The body exists only in the view of the mind, which is deluded and drawn outwards by the power of Maya. In the clear view of Self, which is a single vast Space of Consciousness, there is no body at all…”

110. “If one enquires to the very end, “Who is this jiva, (individual soul) ‘I’? it will be found that it is non-existent, and Shiva will be revealed as being nothing but the Supreme Expanse of Consciousness.”

source: Ramana, Guru Vachaka Kovai


My Comment:

How does the appearance of multiplicity arise? Where is that first sense of there being an “other”? The one single vast Space of Consciousness, the Supreme Expanse of Consciousness, is Reality. All else is delusion.




4 thoughts on “single vast Space of Consciousness

  1. It’s a great question. Mine would be: can the One differentiate into a multitude of holy beings without losing forever the awareness that it is One? I think somehow this is the question in which we are swimming. Always a joy to read here…

    In Unity

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