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There was a warm fire in the stove, some candles in the center of the yurt and we sat on cushions in a circle. It was blustery and raining outside. It was a sharing circle with talking-stick and each of the eight men present shared what was on their hearts at the moment. Most spoke of their difficulties with their partners or with women they wanted to connect with. It was heart-wrenching for me to hear the deep yearning that each of these men expressed to have simple relationships with someone of the opposite sex and to hear of all the complexities that arose for them in these relationships. There was not much I could say beyond encouraging each of us to find the simplicity in ourselves first. The base-line of this evening was that each of us is asking for tenderness and peace. May we remain tender and vulnerable and may we offer tenderness and deep understanding, deep listening to all others in our life.






4 thoughts on “tenderness

  1. Interesting topic with interesting feedback; I aimed that ‘what’s on our hearts’ toward my heart just now, and the reply was about my concern for our planet, the vanishing wilderness, the changing climate, etc…

    I think that many people will never feel complete until they learn to be happy without another person.. then they can complement one another in a balanced relationship…

    Years ago I taught an older-adult art class, and |I realized that many of those students were there for interaction with others, and to do something that gave them self esteem/pride that they did something well.. I also discovered that my ‘human touch’ on their arms/shoulders/backs were as important as any words of praise…

    • Yes, to find that “self-sufficiency” seems to be so elusive for many – and yet in my experience that is the key to gaining more understanding of this existence. Otherwise everything in life revolves around that desire for comfort from something “outside” of oneself. Thank you Lisa!

      • This morning I had two visits with a friend’s father, who admitted that though his life is full, he feels very alone… we had a long discussion, though my feedback was based on my own evolution, one that led me to feeling 100 percent complete and standing independent (we were visiting on a quiet side street, and i stood very tall, straight and serene as i said that) and always grateful to have a smile in my heart… he knows in his mind that one cannot find happiness through others, but his soul is wistful….

        people like me cannot ‘fix’ it, but we can be examples that it’s possible!

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