the swan dive


Jan auf´m Sprung


We are one spaceless and timeless being and there is no other. All of this moves as one, from the stars in outer space to the molecules and atoms. Nothing can move independently of the totality. This means all is synchronized within itself. Therefore the inexorable tendency for dynamic balance and harmony is the default of existence. Disturbances that could off-balance the totality cannot prevail, although it could appear so within the context of a human hour, day or lifetime. Additionally the underlying fact is that all phenomena are indeed images of name and form and thus none of them have a separate existence that could stand up against the interminable flux of the whole.

A specific form that believes itself to have an independent existence may very likely see itself being threatened in its existence by the permutations it observes. The one being, on the other hand cannot possibly sense a threat to itself as it remains what it is no matter what apparent movements occur within its being. That is why all the sages and wisdom schools stress that it the key to peace is to relinquish the “I am the body” idea. Since all sense of danger is something that occurs in our emotional body, that is where this shift needs to occur. We can ask ourselves: “Can I emotionally accept my own annihilation?”

Joseph Campbell’s metaphor of shifting a fall into a dive goes like this: You realize you are falling backwards off a cliff and so you are face up toward the sky seeing all move away from you. You have lost all sense of security and are falling down to something under you which you cannot see and so it is unknown. That causes fear. Now, deep down inside you decide to face the danger, no matter what it may be and so you shift your posture into a head-first dive. Suddenly you are no longer falling at the mercy of the tremendous force of gravity, but you are now diving with that force, with which you have aligned yourself.

Of course you were never apart from that Force because it is you true nature: you ARE that Force and nothing else. Only the magic of the mind conjures up the sense of being a separate being at the effect of outside forces. But we are not.

Every form is heading toward annihilation. Even if we conjure up a reincarnation scenario we cannot imagine an individual re-incarnating endlessly and senselessly into all eternity. Therefore we create the vision of the indestructible essence of an individual ‘soul’ that transmigrates through seemingly endless form, achieving ever ‘higher’ levels of development until Perfection and the God-Head is reached.

We are living already as an absolutely mysterious being that is able to “perform” every imaginable miracle and which has performed every miracle or ‘supernatural’ event ever reported. So what is the point of attempting to reach Perfection as an individual that is in reality nothing more than a mirage anyway? It is merely what we call “emotions” that stand in the way of whole-heartedly accepting ‘what is’, namely that ‘all that is’ is completely open to being seen at every moment:

yes, we are moving forms, which are living, 3-dimensional images in a reality of tangible phenomena;

yes, all phenomena appear (are born), remain (are maintained) for a certain while, and then, when their pull-date comes, they disappear (subside) again into the Unknown of prior-to-consciousness (birth and death);

yes, when they are gone, images and perceptions of “them” can be sustained for a while, and give us the sense that “they” are still “here”, albeit in “another dimension” etc.;

yes, we can hold on to pictures and images and resist the course of nature that relentlessly pulls them out of existence (manifestation=appearance);

yes, we can emotionally accept the natural course of events that will eventually annihilate all phenomena that are present in our lives right now, including own form;

yes, we can emotionally accept the fact that even now our apparent existence as individuals is really just an image, a concept with name and form, but free from any lasting attributes or real substance when compared to the one being;

and so, yes, even now we are annihilated when we accept the fact that we, as “individuals” never really existed in the first place, although what we perceive completely convinces us that we actually “are”, but we actually are “not”.

This is the beginning of the beautiful swan-dive into my own eternal essence as that which continually appears before me, as the one being that I alone am, ever new and ever mysterious.