you are not defined by words

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Once you realize that you are not an individual, do everything, everything is your work. Within the range of the five elements, everything is you.

Who eats? Plants here consume water, the flame (Maharaj lights his lighter) eats gas, absorbs air, similarly things get done. Eating is done by the five elements, when you eat food, after you swallow it down the throat, who digests it? Beingness comes out of the five elements. Who eats then? Who dies? Who lives?

One should understand individual and universal life, this is possible only when one knows oneself.

You are talking to me through the body sense, but I don’t accept you as that which could be defined by words. As a matter of fact you have no form, identity or color.

You yourself are creating your trap by your word-concepts.

Once you realize the cause of beingness, birth, you are liberated. From what point you recognize yourself?

Sanatana Dharma, (from time immemorial) the parents have been there; you have been there. This beingness is proof of eternity, the Sanatana Dharma, the Infinity.

The self-annihilators cry of ‘Har Har Mahadev’ means kill and get killed, so in the end Har Har Mahadev goes too.

Visitor: One question on terminology. Atma Jnana (Self-knowledge) and Brahman Vidya (Brahma-knowledge), are they the same?

Nisargadatta: There is no difference, knowledge is Brahman and Brahman is knowledge. All creatures are contained in it, it is just one word talking about another word, all this has no meaning, and knowledge is limitless. It is because we identify and limit to this cursedness of individuality that we have inherited difficulties. But if we accept knowledge as total, limitless with no identifications, there will be no problems. Because of our concepts, we are limited. I am limitless, knowledge is limitless.

Think that you are limitless, unborn and not going to die. This identification with the body makes you think that you are born.

Just give attention to yourself and everything else will be alright.

The ‘I am’ is all, the God, just know that the ‘I am’ is God, this is the first step, the knowledge ‘I am’ is yourself. All other activities will follow; you just get established in the knowledge. ‘I am’, it is the sun, and all other activities are rays.

The knowledge ‘I am’, without memories and concepts, is everything.

The idea ‘I am the body and mind’ is not that knowledge. No effort is required, the main thing is that ‘you are’ (or ‘I am’) when you listen to me and stay there, you’ll understand that the knowledge ‘I am’ is independent of body-mind. Do I depend on you about what I know? Remember this, that there are thousands of experiences, but what is prior to all experiences? You are that.

Have you understood that the experiences of the world and yourself are without doing anything?

Establish yourself in the Self, whatever you are prior to the ‘I am’, get established there. When this abidance in the Self is achieved, all talks with sound are gibberish.

The knowledge, in common parlance, is professed in ignorance, like the child out of ignorance.

So I know that worldly knowledge is a product of ignorance and all true knowledge is prior to Jnana – The Absolute.

Get rid of the pride that you are a Jnani.

Although you try to catch that state, the border of beingness and the Absolute, it is ephemeral.

Normally even sages have no knowledge of the actual state of affairs. How did the union of the beingness and the five elements come by from the Absolute? Your parents explain themselves to you but do you really have the knowledge that they were your parents? What you have to drive at is, ‘Am I such a puny principle that is just a product of parents?’

Words cannot be true, nevertheless, you must find out with what words you’d like to identify? With what identity would you like annihilation?

Form and name have been forcibly imposed on me, the primary concept is beingness, I have no name and form; only emotional understanding.

Annihilate yourself by your own identity. Don’t dabble in what others say, which is your most honest identity? No consciousness, no world. Investigate about your identity, the one who has realized his identity will not consider anything else more honest than it, because this identify of beingness is a fraud.

source: Nisargadatta, I am unborn, PDF p. 53 -58




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