minimal movement

Slender Buddha


Minimal movement is to notice what arises from the levels of beingness below the level of physical action of this body-mind. What arises are the waves of inclinations (vasanas = latent tendencies) surfacing into appearance (manifestation). I am noticing these incipient movements as in slow motion and so I follow them arising like bubbles from the deep. As they surface a thought forms and, in sequence, but sometimes seemingly simultaneously, physical action occurs.  

The weight of this immensity influences their arising and dampens the mental and also the physical movement in such a way that each bubble creates a few small waves that then subside, leaving the waters of beingness limpid again.

The former tendency to ride the waves (words) is minimal and seems to be limited to functional aspects of my human nature. When a function is fulfilled, the impulse subsides on its own, the fuel exhausted. There is nothing to achieve and so the inner restlessness subsides.

Every impulse to move into action (mental, emotional or physical) is screened as to whether it should be followed or not. The auto-pilot of ‘doing’ in order to be distracted from the face-to-face with this existential agony and to move away from my self is no longer in place.  An energetic signature has been activated and now I want to know how this beingness appeared.

There is only the immensity of  a movement that has no being, within which somehow infinitesimal particles appear and vortexes light up, like foam in the whirlpools of the river. Galaxies and nebulae appear but they are merely surface phenomena, although they take up almost al of our attention. The Real is without manifest form. It rains down out of thundering skies  – an interminable, incessant deluge. Unseen but felt as a mighty weighing down on phenomena, to squelch them, to stem their flow.

Thoughts cannot arise, cannot assert themselves against this dense and heavy blanket of Immensity. Surrender is then not of the individual will, but rather something altogether elemental, like a law of physics or a function of the vegetative nervous system. There is nothing I can do or not do about it – it just is. There is then also no effort involved – it just happens, like all else. What I have thought of as ‘me’ turns out to be of no relevance whatsoever.

Is it to my liking or not? That question doesn’t even arise; it is such a petty thought within this hugeness that it hardly even has the impact to register in my awareness.

I continue to go about my usual activities but I leave out as much as I can: minimal movement. Whenever there is opportunity to stop doing and just be, that is the choice.

I engage with everyone here in the community as always and yesterday I was the facilitator of our bi-weekly general assembly: 14 residents met to discuss several topics that had led to quite a bit of emotional turbulence for several residents and for the community as a whole. I facilitated to meeting skillfully but all the while like in a dream: it didn’t really matter and yet it did matter. Nothing seemed to touch me emotionally, although I could feel with each of the participants as they expressed their feelings.

There is an equanimity that is not touched by the outer events.





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