…and incidentally there is beingness

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A spontaneous happening of creation of forms – that is what is. Word gives it meaning as name and form. Is it even form before word-thought arises to label it and give it a context? The first word “I” creates a center around which significance forms as “I am”.

That is the first context for ‘significance’.  Before “I” is neither being nor non-being and no separate self-entities. All phenomena are products of inter-dependent co-arising: they all inter-exist. This helps us transcend all pairs of opposites. Transcending all pairs of opposites we are in a state of total acceptance – nothing can be placed higher or lower than anything else.

Looking at the latest views of the universe it is overwhelming to contemplate the continual flux of phenomena. We hold on to the meanings we give to events in our life as the way to keep some kind of anchor in this flux. All names and the resultant forms are born of our minds. What remains of all the names and narratives of our life when the vital force leaves this form? My father is no longer, my mother is no longer and only impressions of the past remain if I care to resurrect them. This is so for all other forms that have arisen since ever. It is like a torrential rain in the monsoon: it just keeps pouring down incessantly. Where does it go? It flows ever onward with no lasting result, no achievements or milestones.

Surrendering to this ongoing event (what a small word) – let’s call it “miraculous happening” is deep relief and I relax, letting go of tension on deeper and deeper levels. Simply considering how immense this outpouring of phenomena is and that it ‘somehow’ is self-regulating and of mysterious intelligence releases me from thoughts of all kinds. Only when brain-thought interferes is there violence and destructiveness.

It is all just happening on its own and the first movements are in realms so subtle that what I perceive in my life is like the echo or shadow of the actual ‘energy happening’. So relax and observe. Release all pressure to achieve and to influence events. I am in no place to do that. I allow myself to be felt as an integral stream flowing with the river of ‘inter-being’.





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