a movement that has no being – II



“Meditation is this attention in which there is an awareness, without choice, of the movement of all things, the cawing of the crows, the electric saw ripping through the wood, the trembling of leaves, the noisy stream, a boy calling, the feelings, the motives, the thoughts chasing each other and going deeper, the awareness of total consciousness. And in this attention, time as yesterday pursuing into the space of tomorrow and the twisting and turning of consciousness has become quiet and still.

In this stillness there is an immeasurable, not comparable movement;  a movement that has no being, that’s the essence of bliss and death and life. A movement that cannot be followed for it leaves no path and because it is still, motionless; it is the essence of all motion.”

Source: Krishnamurti Notebook PDF 68 


My Comment:

All of the sages, from the Ancients to the modern day teachers such as Krishnamurti, Ramana and Nisargadatta, have spoken of ‘something’ that cannot really be expressed in words. Nonetheless they stress that ‘it’ can be ‘known’. The organ of perception that can ‘know’ this other dimension (to use that word) is the Thing Itself and it knows itself NOT as an object but rather as the One-Without-A-Second. Ramana implores us to ‘give up the objective outlook’:

“That State is agreeable to all, wherein, having given up the objective outlook, one knows one’s Self and loses all notions either of unity or duality, of oneself and the ego.” (Verse Three of Forty Verses on Reality).

Krishnamurti uses the words “A movement that has no being…” and says it is “the essence of all motion”. It is now up to us to allow the ripples in our mind-stuff to subside so that this “other” can show up in our non-dual awareness of ourselves.


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