a small ripple appeared in the vastness ~ III – Nisargadatta




Nisargadatta: When I talk to you, don’t try to understand from the body-mind identity. Your true state is always there; it has not gone anywhere. Although you did not know it was there, and now you know it is there, you have done nothing. It is always there.

On my true, whole, homogeneous state just a small ripple appeared, the news came, “I Am.” That news made all the difference, and I started knowing this; but now I have known my true state, so I understand my true state first, and then I understand that this ripple is coming and going on my true state. While, in your case, you take interest in the ripple and don’t take interest in your true state.

Out of my existence as the Noumenon has come this state of the phenomenal. The homogeneous understands the play of the attributes, the projection of the mind, but the play, the projection of the mind, cannot understand the homogeneous. The moment it tries to understand It, it becomes one with It.

Everybody is trying to understand the meaning of all this. You are not understanding because you have all the swaddling clothes of “I-am-this-or-that.” Remove them.

The ultimate point of view is that there is nothing to understand, so when we try to understand, we are only indulging in acrobatics of the mind.

Whatever spiritual things you aspire to know are all happenings in this objective world, in the illusion; all your activities, material and spiritual, are in this illusion. All this happening in the objective world, all is dishonesty; there is no truth in this fraud.

Questioner: Last night, during meditation, there was a pure state of “I-I.” I understood it to be recognition of the Self.

N: Is that the true meaning of your Self? Spit it out. Whatever you have understood, you are not. Why are you getting lost in concepts? You are not what you know, you are the knower.

Source: Nisargadatta, April 23, 1980, p. 10 Prior to Consciousness PDF


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