the rock

Norway Rocks by Darius 2

Norway Rocks by Darius


the rock

may seem to some

rigid stuck paralyzed frozen.

to itself it is



into itself.

all around is continual flux

swirling turbulence of rapids,

nothing fixed or firm.

a walking liquid crystal,

swaying and swishing back and forth,

somehow holding its moorings, barely,

deep in its center 

it finds


born before the earth

nothing is the master of all things.

from it all comes and goes.

only as the rock 

can it thrive

and allow all else to 

flow and shift, following whims of fancy.

when all evanescence is seen, 

bubbles arising endlessly,

thoughts and concepts,

purpose and desire,

burst into droplets and disperse,

what endures is so solid.

compared to it a diamond

is like butter.

unseen, unknown and yet more true

than all phenomena we call real.

from it all words seep out

and make up our world.

they are merely derivatives

receiving substance from the rock. 

turning attention upon itself

energyflow completes the cycle –

alchemy results:

to speech it is silence,

to itself it is utterly vulnerable

and very strong.


Thanks to Han Shan, Nisargadatta and  Krishnamurti





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