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How does this existence work? I have noticed that all is one flow of energy/creation. Further I notice that this stream of creation is absolutely fluid, meaning that of itself it is in continual flux. The only way that we are able to perceive a form being sustained for a while is due to our faculty of retention of impressions, which we call ‘memory’. We are able to hold on to the impression captured through our sensory perception that the fluid flux of energy once made . A good example is the burning torch that is swirled in a circle on a dark night and we see a ring of fire where actually only the movement of the flame (the source of light of the light) exists. 

There is a continual bubbling up of forms that we perceive; some are physical forms and others are in the mental or emotional realm. We, as energy beings, are attracted to those forms that our memory says will be comfortable or pleasurable. We are repelled by those that our scanner tells us are potentially dangerous or unpleasant. All of this is based on the data from past impressions.

When we hold a certain concept in our awareness, the energy of existence takes on, to a certain extent, that form. For example, I breathe in and tell myself that this breath will calm my whole body, and then I notice that my body becomes calm. I hold my breath after inhaling and tell myself that this will slow down and stop the stream of thoughts in my mind, and then I notice that far fewer thoughts are bubbling up. Conversely, when I hold the concept of a certain person’s behavior that I find disturbing, I notice that my emotional and mental realms become agitated.

From this I see that my vital energy tends to flow into whatever form I focus on. Once I am committed to calming my mind and emotions, it is then a question of persevering in my practice to shift the concepts I am holding at any given moment. This means that I give up the concept that there are certain concepts that I MUST hold, because they are RIGHT. Now the only concepts that are ‘right’ are the ones that bring my energy into a state of equanimity. Once stabilized in equanimity I am able to finally see clearly and reflect on the actual reality of my life rather than wallowing in a self-created morass of judgements and resentment. The greatest clarity is when I am able to just BE without any concepts that filter my existence, but that is a rare state for me to be aware of. Usually when I am in a state free of concepts I am not aware of it, and that is perhaps quite natural. My practice is only required when I notice concepts arising that cloud my perception.





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