the meaning of suffering


My Comment:

It took me years of reading and re-reading and contemplating the words to find my way more and more into what Nisargadatta is pointing to. Here in the second sentence he says: “Questions arise only to an entity.” Only consciousness that perceives itself as a center, as an entity separate from reality, can have questions. Consciousness can remain simply as “I Am” and then there are no questions. Also That, which is prior to consciousness, has no questions because questions can only arise in consciousness on the basis of the primary concept “I Am”. Moving away from simply Being, “I Am” then moves into I am this, I am that etc. Then questions arise. The primary question “Who am I?” is not one that requires or asks for an answer. To pose the question “Who am I?” is to turn the light of consciousness upon itself in order to follow the path of consciousness in the reverse and to recede into consciousness to its point of inception. Continue reading