take no delivery of anything

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This is based on a statement by Krishnamurti that Aloneness is a state of awareness in which all receiving and adjustment have ceased. Nisargadatta may have meant the same thing when he stated that he takes no delivery of anything from the realm of consciousness as he has ‘closed that account’. He sees consciousness as a play of the five elements and as something that results from “total functioning” (see David Bohm “Implicate Order”). Being the Absolute which is before consciousness he is not concerned with all of the movements of consciousness. Repeatedly he clarifies that we cannot know the Absolute as a subject knows and object and that we can only BE the Subject.

For me the phrase “take no delivery of anything” reminds me to turn my mind inward and to seek “whence does this ‘I-ness’ arise?” How, then, to function in daily life? How to allow all actions to take place with ‘my’ participation while at the same time my attention is turned ‘inward’? Nisargadatta at another point says “I allow my human nature to take care of itself”. I am beginning to notice when I say and do things that are simply ‘suitable’ and in harmony with the circumstances but they are done without attachment or ambition of any kind.

Then all of the sudden some latent tendency in my mind-body-spirit complex is triggered into action and I get excited about someone’s behavior (usually behavior that I feel is undesirable) and I become identified with the actions I am engaged in. Afterward I feel sapped of energy and recognize that I had lost equanimity for a while. The phrase: “take no delivery of anything” serves to remind me to just let it be and to zoom out and see the bigger picture. We are still in eternity.





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