the island of self


In his last days the Buddha spoke of atadipa (the island of self). This is the refuge that each of us has when the energy of mindfulness is active in us.

Thich Nhat Hanh:

The Buddha said that every one of us has an island within, an island of peace and
stability within, and we should practice so that we can profit from the existence of
that island within ourselves. When he was eighty, the Buddha knew that he was
going to pass away in a few months, and he knew that his disciples were going to
miss him. During the last six months, around the city of Vaisali, he used to talk to the
monks and the nuns about taking refuge within yourself. The expression is atadipa.
Ata means self, dipa means island. When you go back to that island, you experience
peace and stability. The Buddha is there, the Dharma is there, and the Sangha is

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