effortless mindfulness


“He never has a single thought of seeking buddhahood.”


My Comment:

I am one of those who has always had a deep conviction that our natural state of being in the grace of the present moment was to be found, or ‘realized’ by releasing all effort. It was one of my deepest moments of awareness when, while washing dishes and listening to a podcast by Gangaji, she asked the simple question, “What effort does it take to just be here now?” The answer that lit up for me at that moment was: NONE AT ALL. Since then that realization has been my North Star. Whenever anything was requiring effort, I automatically questioned whether it was the right thing for me to be doing. In the years since that day in the kitchen I have discovered that there is an effortless quality in all that I do when it is in alignment with the ‘non-conceptual intelligence of the NOW’, as Loch Kelly puts it. I have been using the term: “total functioning”, or just simply “in the flow”. I often ask myself, when effort seems to be creeping in to my life, whether my vital energy is available for whatever it is that my mind tells me I ‘should’ be doing. Isn’t it rather naive of me to imagine that I could always avoid activities that seem to be requiring effort? Yes, it is. I love being naive. Following my naivete  has gotten me to where I am now, and I am content like never before.

Loch Kelly’s experience and his teaching can never be a recipe for someone else. Each of us must find our own way – his pointers can be no more than that: pointers. “Truth is a pathless land” (Krishnamurti). Enjoy releasing even more effort from your life!


Loch Kelly:

“Effortless mindfulness is not just adding an appealing word like “easy” or “instant” to the mindfulness practice that we all know. If you’ve read this far, you might be asking what the difference is between deliberate mindfulness and effortless mindfulness. Deliberate or basic mindfulness is often described as paying attention in the present moment in an intentional and nonjudgmental way. 

“Effortless mindfulness is an advanced yet simple form of mindfulness. Here is my definition: 

“Effortless mindfulness is the letting go of attention, thought, and present moments so you can open to an already awake awareness that is naturally focused, compassionate, and non-conceptually intelligent in the Now. ”

Read more and listen to the podcast here.





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